UFO diaries

In literacy over the past few weeks we have been looking at recounts through the context of UFO sightings. We decided to write our own diary entries from the point of a view of an alien. Here is some of the children’s work:



Dear diary,


Today might have been the worst day of my alien life. Not only did Oink make the space ship smell funny, but I accidently forgot to fill my space ship with space drink. You don’t want to know how the day continued but I will tell you anyway.


This morning, I hopped into my space ship and as normal I went to explore the wonderful atmosphere. Me and exploring go together like strawberries and cream or paper and pens. Anyway because I was so excited I forgot to fill up with space drink. Once in my ship I set off to go exploring. I was excited as a child on Christmas day.


Oink sat on the dashboard. If you didn’t know Oink is my multi coloured pet pig. He is very cute (let me tell you a secret he is a bit portly too!)Ten minutes after leaving Emoji, my home planet, the dreaded red button started flashing. A rapid cold shiver went down my jelly belly. Quickly, I rushed over to the tablet that controls everything but I was too late…


As fast as greased lightning, I started plummeting down to a beautiful green and blue planet. Terrified, I grabbed Oink and went into the hidey hole. To be honest with you I was petrified and I think Oink was too. Seconds later, there was an almighty thud. We had landed. Slowly, I crawled out the hidey hole and what I saw next was unbelievable…


Massive, tall things I have never seen before. Lollipops with brown sticks and circular top. Everything was a million times bigger than me and towered over me. I was like a tiny ant. Once I had finished admiring the sights, I opened the hatch and strolled out. I was trying not to show how scared I was. Stepping out with Oink behind me, I realized getting back to Emoji would be way harder than I thought since there were enormous monsters stomping around. So my mission was firstly to stay alive and secondly to find space drink. Space drink is fuel, do you drink space drink?


As hard as I tried, I couldn’t found any space drink. As day turned to night miraculously most of the monsters disappeared, I sat down underneath a large lolly pop and so that was my day. I hope tomorrow I will get back to Emoji but I think I will be stuck here. Also I think that the monsters will return. This may be my last entry but I am very brave and Oink is too. Goodnight diary.

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