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In Literacy we have been examining formal letter writing over the past fortnight. The children were outlined a situation where the governing body were considering whether there was still a case for school uniform (don’t worry parents, it’s only pretend!) and the children had to write to Mr Burford or Mrs Pritchard to win them round to their point of view. Over the next few weeks many of the letters will be published on the blog. Here’s Sam P’s


Liss Junior School  

Hillbrow Road



GU33 7LQ

Thursday 31st March 2015


Dear Mrs Pritchard,

I’m writing to inform you that I think having a school uniform is a very good idea and you should not fall for any other complaints to change the uniform. I believe that the Liss Junior uniform is a big part of the school and if changed would result in lots of complaints from parents and other individuals.

Firstly, I think having a distinctive school uniform (like ours) is very useful when the school goes on trips because if everyone was in plain clothes we might lose children and no parent would like that WOULD THEY? Imagine if you were waiting for your child to get off a coach and then they never came off. These are the types of problems not having a school uniform can cause.

Furthermore, a school uniform will show other schools who we are when the school is competing in varies events.  Some people may say that having plain clothes will let children express themselves, however this could lead to bullying when one child thinks he has the latest fashion and thinks the other child has not. This could lead to parents spending unnecessary amounts of money on new clothes when they could just buy our cheap, durable uniform instead. Then that money will go to the school.

Finally, if everyone always wore what they liked there would be no fun in “where what you like days” which are often used to raise money for charities such as our link with Kufuro. So, if everyone wore plain clothes there would be no point.

In conclusion, I think changing the school uniform would be a very bad idea. However, if you were to keep the uniform I believe there would be no complaints and a happier school. I hope you will take all my ideas into consideration.

Yours sincerely


Sam P

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