Greek Myths – Simon

The Zgordon

There was a small island called Equdor the most quiet place in the world. The reason for this was because of Zgordon; it came every day taking one person’s life. But there was a young man, who was the son of Zeus, who was fed up of people dying and his name was Heracles. Consciously Heracles entered the king’s place. He boomed.

“King Kepin I am the Heracles and I am the son of Zeus. I have come here to ask you for a boat and a compass.”

“Why do you need a boat and a compass?” asked King Kepin.

“I need a boat to set sail to Zgordons lair and a compass to go west because Zgordons lair is in the west.” said Heracles in a proud way.

“Very well.” said King Kepin. “You will leave at sunset.”

So when sunset came Heracles left the island and went west to kill the all mighty Zgordon.

As Heracles approached the small island called Icalam, the most terrifying place you could possible end up in, he felt a sudden trickle of coldness going down his spine. He started to have second thoughts about going to the island. But then he said.

“I am the mighty Heracles I am scared of nothing and I am here to defeat the most evil creature in the world Zgordon!”

Suddenly a stream of light landed in the water and Athena and Zeus appeared right in front of him. The light had blinded Heracles for a few seconds then he saw the two Gods. When Heracles looked upon his father, thunder rumbled through the sky.

“Father what you are doing here?” spoke Heracles.

“I am here to here to help you to defeat the Zgordon by giving you my sword; it can fire 4000,000 volts of electricity,” proudly said Zeus.

“I am here to give you my shield it can block any blade and can withstand any tip of acid and poison.”

Then Zeus and Athena disappeared and Heracles set sail to evil Zgordon’s cave. When Heracles managed to get to the small island he heard an ear defeaning roar.

“That must be Zgordon the most feared beast I am going to face.”

Heracles approached the cave, a trail of slime (that no one can get out of) leading the way. After a while Heracles finally got to the cave but Zgordon wasn’t there. Then a piece of slime landed on his head and Heracles looked up and there was Zgordon, a disgusting and foul creature with spikes on his back with slime oozing of it. Heracles dived behind a rock because Zgordon was waking up from his slumber. Zgordon opened his eyes and looked at the rock Heracles was hiding behind, because Zgordon could hear from 100 miles away and Heracles was breathing heavily.

“Zgordon I am here to take your blood and here to kill you so you can stop destroying my Kingdome. Surrender yourself or die now,” boomed Heracles.

Zgordon let out a roar and appeared right in front of Heracles. Swiftly, Heracles acted fast and dodged Zgordon’s suckers that suck blood. Unfortunately he didn’t manage to dodge the spikes laced with poison but managed to use Athena’s shield to stop the poison getting into his blood line. Heracles’s used his father’s sword and fired 4,000,000 volts of electricity at Zgordon and Zgordon was no more but a few puddles of blood. Heracles scooped up the blood and returned to his boat. After that he returned to Equdor and he travelled to King Kepin’s palace and boomed.

“I have returned with the blood of Zgordon give me my reward.”

“Very well I will give you the 1,000,000 galleons I owe you when you give me the blood.”

So Heracles gave Kepin the blood and got his reward and then he used it to buy everyone in the village a new house to live in.

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