Greek Myths – Luke S

Hestane and the shadow beast

Across the waves of Ancient Greece lived a town of people. Men, women and children were there. Though, not every day was peacefully quiet. Through the caves, that was as black as oil, there was a creature that could only live on human flesh and human life force. The vowel creature had a name because of its main power. It was called Shadow beast. It could turn invisible and slice people with its wings. Once it saw someone, they were dead.


One day, King Oldman went mad.

“Why anyone can’t rid me of this evil beast!” he shouted while throwing a chair across the room.

“Athens will have the population from 25,000 – 0 in a few months,” said the guard. Then, another guard walked down the hallway. His armour was making a rattling sound.

“Excuse me. But you have a visitor,” he said as more footsteps echoed across the hallway. The visitor wore a blue and brown robe with dark, brown sandals.

“I am Hestane, son of Zeus and Hera who are the king and queen of Olympus,” explained Hestane, kneeling before King Oldman.

“What have you came here for?” asked King Oldman with no interest what so ever.

“I am here to get rid of the dreaded Shadow Beast once and for all,” replied Hestane. His deep, blue eyes stared into the kings.

“You won’t come back alive,” explained king Oldman, shrugging his shoulders.

“We’ll see about that!” boomed Hestane. “Goodbye, Your Majesty.” Then with his fists clenched, he marched out the great hallway leaving the king alone on his throne.


Five hours after Hestane had left the city of Athens, he was in a dark, gloomy cave. As quiet as an ant, the young lad crept through the ghostly cave. Hestane felt the walls were closing in on him. Raindrops fell and echoed across the place. However, not everything was quiet. Suddenly, a streak of lightning struck in front of Hestane. Then it became a figure.

“Son, I am proud of you,” whispered the figure. It was wearing royal, ancient clothes.

“Dad,” replied Hestane, leaning forward. “Is that you?”

“Yes,” it said. “I don’t have much time. Take my lightning sword.” He pulled out his lightning sword and gave it to Hestane.

“Where is Shadow Beast, dad?” asked Hestane with his eyes wide open, looking at his father.

“In this very cave,” replied the figure. Then, as quick as a flash, it vanished. Hestane looked around the corner. King Oldman was there. Suddenly, he got bigger. His arms and legs turned into paws. Two more eyes popped out. He grew wings and a tail. The king was Shadow Beast.


It looked like an undead dragon. It had four blazing red eyes that glowed. Its teeth were as sharp as chainsaws. Five holes were in its chest, filled with grenades. It also had mini knifes on its wings. Shadow Beast flew to Hestane and shot fire at him. He managed to dodge its attack. Then, the beast vanished. Hestane looked around him. Suddenly, he saw Shadow Beast turn visible. So he threw himself down next to the floor. The wall grabbed him as the beast hovered in front of him. Then, he remembered the lightning sword his father gave him. Hestane grabbed and held it out in front of him as well as looking at the creature before him. Hestane shot lightning at Shadow Beast from the lightning sword. The lightning went straight threw Shadow Beast’s heart. It fell to the floor with a thud and died. Hestane stood up and watched the monster vanish into dust. The task was finished and so was the monster.


When Hestane got back to the city of Athens, everyone was cheerful and happy. The kind hearted hero had returned and slayed the beast just as he had promised. As fast as lightning, there was a knock at the wooden door. As a result of that, a girl in red robes walked into the room.

“Thy mighty Hestane, I am Princess Lisa. The king was my father,” she said, revealing her hands from her gloves.

“The king was thy beast,” Hestane replied.

“For your bravery, we shall have a gigantic feast,” Lisa explained. A year later, Hestane was crowned king and Athens was safe forever more.

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