Greek Myths – Joshua H

The great beast


Have you ever come face to face with a sea god? Well soon you will. In the city of Collisom there lived a fierce scary king with red evil eyes and jewels. But not only was he was a horrible man, there was the great Cli the monstrous beast with sharp super scales that can cut through human flesh, with only one eye and two wings with a round body.

This foul creature was hated by all the people in the city including the king, every now and then it would come out of its lair and steal the crops and food.

The king hired five men. One of those men was the son of Poseidon named Cam (nick name Cam Kim) he had been sent to this beast’s lair all rocky and smelly.

“All of you have been picked out of the city to conquer everyone’s fear! Off you go.”

Cam set off for his journey but soon he came face to face with a hydra, a three headed dragon. They had got to the desert when they saw this creature. Unfortunately, three of the men died from the burning hot fire. He and the remaining two men carried on to the high mountains where the Cli lived. Suddenly out he popped.

“Oh my word, he is scarier than I thought he was!” shouted Cam in a scared voice.

`           “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we are leaving the beast to you!” screamed the two wimpy men.

But Cam carried on, he charged with all of his power at the beast, the blade of his sword went into straight the middle of the monster’s eye just like an arrow being fired and getting a bullseye. But the monster’s scale had cut through his chest with one huge swipe down the middle of his body blood was spilling out of the heroes body. Fortunately there was a puddle.

“Father I am in danger of dying, please help me!” moaned Cam.

Next out of the puddle came legs, a head and hands. The man with the trident touched Cam’s wound which closed up filling back up with blood again.

“Thank you Dad!” whispered Cam. His journey back was trying, but at last he reached the castle.

“I have slain the horrible beast!” boomed Cam.

“Well done thy will have a party in your name and you will be a saint!” said the king excitedly.

The village now lived in peace crops were grown food was planted and the village lived happily ever after.

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