Emily G’s Greek Myth



Glaring harshly with its beady devil eyes, the ferocious beast waited for its next victim. With its razor sharp teeth, supersonic hearing, extreme sense of smell and scolding hot fire as a body the Fire Rocker was the greatest evil beast to ever walk on the planet. It stared hard at the amazing sun rise, with its evil heart wishing it had a human to destroy. Meanwhile in the city of Athens no one was around to see the beautiful sun rise over the glistening sea, since they were all locked away in their houses in fear of their lives.


King Minos sat slumped in his thrown, tapping his feet anxiously. He know he had to do something about the evil Fire Rocker if he were to stay King of Athens. The people were annoyed about how ruined and destroyed the City was, as well as all the crops burning down. Before the Fire Rocker the city was pretty and peaceful but after it was black and dull. Suddenly there was a mighty boom on the oak door.

“Come in!” The king said, nearly losing the will to speak. As fast as lightning the heavy door swung open. In strolled a beautiful young lady.

“I the mighty, strong Tiggeruss am here to tell you that I am going to kill the Fire Rocker,” Tiggeruss boomed with pride, her blue eyes twinkling like the sea.

“Look Tiggeruss. You have gorgeous blonde hair, but you won’t be able to slay the Fire Rocker,” the king spoke, somehow finding his voice.  “This horrid creature has killed most of my people and destroyed the City of Athens.”

Interrupting the King, Tiggeruss boastfully said,

“I was the one that smoked the Baby Rockeater with one swipe of my trusty sword.” The King sat forward, he was now interested.

“Are you wanting to kill the Fire Rocker?” questioned the King.

“Yes your Majesty.”

“You have ONE day and one day only to kill the Fire Rocker. Is that clear?” asked the King.

“Yes I shall kill thy evil beast.” Tiggeruss said clearly. She opened the big door and walked out of the King’s throneroom. As she strolled out of the castle, she noticed two humans in the distance. The closer she got, Tiggeruss got see that the two people were Yol,l the God of beasts and Athene, the Goddess of Peace.

“Hello Tiggeruss.” said Yoll.

“Hello,” said Tiggeruss, who was confused and scared.

“We have a gift for you.” Athene gave Tiggeruss a ring with a red pearl. Athene continued, “If you rub the pearl you will be fire proof so that you can kill Fire Rocker. BUT… whatever you DON’T kill the human the Fire Rocker turns into once you have killed it.” Then the two gods vanished, and Tiggeruss started her journey to the Fire Rocker’s cave.


As brave as a lion, Tiggeruss travelled for hours on tough terrain. Finally she came to her last hurdle she had to overcome. It was the Unclimbable Mountain of Unclimbableness.

“Come on Tiggeruss. You are the best!” She mumbled to herself. Carefully, Tiggeruss started to climb up the mountain, dodging all the falling rocks. As she got closer, Tiggeruss could feel the heat from the Fire Rocker. Although Tiggeruss was brave, she was still a tiny bit scared to come face to face with the Fire Rocker. As one last bit of encouragement, Tiggeruss said to herself

“I have just climbed the Unclimbable Mountain of Unclimbableness.” Before coming face to face with the beast, Tiggeruss slipped the ring on, then took her last step. Rapidly, Tiggeruss drew her sword and charged towards the Fire Rocker. Using its kangaroo legs the Fire Rocker jumped over Tiggeruss’ head. Powerfully and using all her effort, Tiggeruss charged towards the Fire Rocker again. But this time the Fire Rocker didn’t have time to move. Amazingly, Tiggeruss killed the Fire Rocker. Forgetting the Gods word, Tiggeruss killed the brown headed boy the Fire Rocker turned into. Once her sword touched the boy, Tiggeruss’s lovely hair turned green and tangled hair and her beauty turned into ugly also her kindness turned into meanness. She was now like Medusa.


Meanwhile in the city, people were screaming and worrying like mad about Tiggeruss and the Fire Rocker. Tiggeruss had hoped that no one would notice that she was ugly.   But when the newly transformed Tiggeruss came back from the Fire Rockers cave, instead everyone locked themselves back in their houses. The villagers were right, since Tiggeruss had disobeyed the Gods and any who did got seriously punished like Tiggeruss. Therefore she shouldn’t be felt sorry for or fussed about as she disobeyed the Gods’ commands.

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