Yowasi comes home!

Today was another very special day at Liss Junior School as Yowasi came back to Liss Junior School after an absence of two years.  He met with some of the children he remembered from his last visit before going with a group of Year 4 children, Mr Burford and Dave Catlin from Valiant Technology for a roamer demonstration. Regular readers of this blog will remember that in the summer Mr Stanley and Mrs Green took a roamer out to Kafuro where it was a smash hit. The children showed Yowasi how to play to play golf with a roamer and also to program it to go around barriers. Dave also presented Yowasi with two more roamers for Kafuro Primary School so that more children will be able to experience programming.

Yowasi spent the rest of the morning in Class AS observing a poetry lesson and then giving a question and answer session. In the afternoon he gave a presentation to Class AS before taking the class down to the music and drama room and teaching them a Ugandan cultural dance. This was lots of fun as the photos below show.  In fact after afternoon break word had spread around the school and Class KB wanted to learn how to perform a cultural dance as well.

A big topic of conversation between Yowasi and the pupils in Class AS was how much the children in Kafuro look forward to our blog posts and want to learn about their friends in England. Yowasi encouraged the children to comment on these posts and to ask questions.

Finally, Yowasi spent the last session of the day learning how the children create stop frame animation programs using I can animate. He was very impressed with the results.

Yowasi will be visiting school again on Thursday morning before heading to Heathrow to fly home to Uganda after a busy two weeks.

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