Day 3


Today we went to the Pitt rivers museum and studied the different things in the rooms. We had a look at manly different African things mainly because we were talking about the Africans and what they did as a living. Because most of Africa was very poor then they had to do lots of jobs like killing animals and getting food and water.

We had to do some drawing of things about the bones of skeletons. It was very exciting for Dawid, (in English that’s David) because he has never been on a double decker before as he is Polish and the tunnels in Poland are very low and the double decker buses can’t fit under them. Lots of the people on the bus found it fun because we got to sit on the top deck. After we got off the bus and we walked through Oxford and went to a museum called the Natural History Museum.


By: James ,Briony ,Jack s and Harrison.



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