Streatley Day 1 – Part 2

After lunch we went to look in the engine shed where there were all different types of engines. The biggest one was called King Edward II. We were even luckily even to go inside lots of old trains. One of the engine drivers told us what all the nobs and levers did in the front of the train and we were able to use them imaging we were driving the train. We were told that surprisingly the girls were better at driving but the boys were better at coal shovelling probably because the girls wouldn’t want to get dirty and sometimes the boys are stronger. Luckily our teachers got us some luckily cold ice pops for all our hard work and because the weather was so hot!  Then all of us did some sketching of something related to old steam trains such as ticket boxes, signal lights and engines. Some of our drawings were AMAZING! Next we had to say thank you to our mentors and went back to hotly where we went to the class room and we had to write home, do a dairy of the day and draw our pictures up in best. Hungrily we all went to the restaurant where we had lovely fish and chips or amazing jacket potato. Once we had finished our dinner we went back out to the classroom to finish our studying. Then we showered, got in in our PJs and went into the lounge where Mr Mekiffe served us hot chocolate. That was the end of the first day of Streatley.           

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