Streatley day One Part 1 by William and Dawid

Day one at Streatley is almost done and dusted. It was a very tiring day. We were in the train museum for most of the day. The journey here was quite boring as it was one and a quarter hour long. On the way there was very little to look at. Because of this the people in my minibus started singing songs and some also went to sleep! There were 12 people in our minibus group. This was work groups c and d.


When we got to the youth hostel we quickly unhooked the trailer and had a toilet break. I and Dawid (David) who is my partner were the only ones who did not need it! After we dropped off the bags everyone got back in the minibus to drive off to the railway museum. The car park was over the other side of the road from the museum. This meant we had to cross the road and then the station! When we got into the museum we got put into three groups. My group went to put our bags down in a nice and cool carriage before we went off to start looking around.


Next our group went to have a look at some broken and unbroken wheels. Our guide hit the wheels with a hammer and asked us what the difference in sound was. The answer was that one of them had a crack in so the sound did not travel all the way around the wheel. After we had done this we went to look at the old coal tower which used to load the trains with coal. We also saw a very rare steam carriage. These were abandoned later because they did not have enough power.


After this we went into the engine shed to look around. For the first bit of this our guide told us about some of the engine types that were used for different things like mainline freight. For the second part of the time we went up into the cab of a locomotive! The person who was in there told us about how the locomotive worked (Mr Meckiffe was hanging around by the door so he missed the other part of the tour. Next it was lunch!

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  1. Pippa Goodyear says:

    Looks like you are already having fun and the weather is being very kind! Enjoy!

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