Informal Language to Formal Language

In Literacy this week we have been looking at formal letters. We carried out an exercise where we wrote a scenario of a man  in court who recounts his version of events in highly colloquial terms and then his barrister translates this into formal language. The children really enjoyed doing this. Here are some examples from Daisy, Abi and Andrew.


Yo man. I wuz hangin’ out at the drinkin’ place when the old guy there doesn’t accept me dosh. ‘E said I needed more and turned away. I did the same and as I reached the door the window smashed in to a fousand pieces. The guy came over and was like well angry and fainted. ‘E fought I ‘ad hit ‘im but I hadn’t. Next fing I knew the rozzers were all around ‘oldin’ pistols out and arrested me, yeah?


Your honour, although my client is here in court, he isn’t the slightest bit guilty. My client informs me that he was seeking accommodation at a local restaurant. However, the gentleman at the counter did not accept his large amount of money. My client then travelled to the toilets and when he came out the gentleman had gone. He turned for the door when a gentleman outside broke the door and decided to blame the whole thing on my client. Next, the local constabulary made their presence clear and arrested him for something that he hadn’t committed to do. I do not believe that, even though he was arrested, he is guilty.

Abi S

Yo man I woz hangin with my broz at the like disco. I woz goin to my crib like so yeah man but on the way to my crib like I woz feelin so blurrgh I tripped and fell through some glass like and then I woz so dizzy and ill I like had no idea what happened next man and suddenly like I woz getting arrested man!

Your honour my client was trying to tell you that he was at the dance with bright lights. Then he felt so ill after too much dancing. He decided to go home, but on the way to his house he was violently sick. He tripped through a glass window. Furthermore, as he was so dizzy with illness he broke into a till, not knowing what he was doing (obviously!) He took some money from the till and then the police arrived and he was arrested for being ill! How unlucky was that!


I was chillin’ out in Hawaii, yea, on ‘oliday. This geezer grabbed my arm, yea, so I like nicked this old pile of bones’ walking stick and clocked him one his ugly mug. I yelled “Why did ya grab me, you donut?” and then the rozzers came, and I was like “Crikey, it’s the Hawaiian rozzers!” and they chucked me in the slammer, yea man.

Your honour. My client informs me that he was having a relaxing break from his busy life in London in Hawaii. A men then came along and took hold of his arm. He was very startled, which therefore caused him to cry out. This sudden noise startled the man, which made him fall over and hurt himself. Then a member of the local constabulary wrongly accused him of striking the member of public, and he was promptly arrested, although he had done nothing wrong.

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