Cloudbusting explanations

In literacy we have been looking at explanation texts and decided to use something a little bit different  to stimulate ideas. We looked at Kate Bush’s Cloudbusting video and asked the children to write an explanation based on what they saw. Peter and William have provided two good early examples:

How to use the cloud busting machine.


The cloud busting machine is a very heavy machine, but it is the easiest way to control the weather.

How do you position it?

It is a very heavy machine. Two people pull and push it up a hill. It needs to be up a hill because it is closer to the clouds.

How do you position it?

Firstly, there is a green button on the left hand side and that will start it. As a result it will splutter and make a bit of smoke.

How do you control it?

The lever on the left hand side it will suck the clouds in and the lever on the right will blow them out. If something goes wrong there is there is a big red button on the panel that will suddenly stop it.

By Peter


How to use the Cloud Busting Machine.


What is the Cloud Busting Machine?

The Cloud Busting Machine is the best way to control the weather. It sucks in clouds and then fires out rain clouds when rain is most needed. Experts explain how it works.

Where do I position it?

It is best located on top of a hill. Two people pull and push. Sometimes more than two people are used. When it is in position the brakes are applied so it does not roll down the hill.

How does it suck in the clouds?

Firstly the operator locates the lever left of centre and pulls it down. He then pushes it up and down very quickly 25 times. If the operator does not do this the machine will start overheating and will eventually explode. Once he has done this the machine will start sucking in clouds.

How does it make the clouds wet?

Afterwards the operator will find the smaller wheel of the Cloud Busting Machine and spin it. This results in the clouds becoming soaked.

How does it fire out the rain clouds?

Once the operator has done this he turns the big wheel. This causes the clouds to come back.

By William

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