Enterprise Fortnight – Chocolate Toothpicks PowerPoint & Diary

Chocolate Toothpicks Diary

Monday 25th November

Today we were told to get into groups of 4-6. We ended up with a group of six: Daisy, William, Briony, Adam, Tom and Brandon. We then thought of some ideas together after having a discussion: Christmas pants, A boys makeover, A girls makeover, Christmas tree shaped crumpets, Hot chocolate, Comics, Story telling, Raffle, Lucky dip, Hundred square, Christmas stationary, Girls hair braiding and nail painting, Christmas shaped chocolate and second hand books. We then chose our two favourites to do SWOT analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Here is what we came up with:

Story telling

Strengths: We can entertain kids, we can get money and also it would be very cheap. Weaknesses: Kids might not listen, they might not come to listen and we might not have any ideas. We did not come up with any opportunities or threats.

Hot chocolate and Christmas tree shaped crumpets

Strengths: They will warm people up, we can have different varieties that are tastier and they are quite cheap. Weaknesses: People may not like them, spillages and people might have allergies. Opportunities: We could earn lots as it’s winter.

The total cost of these ingredients will be £17.08:

1tsp lemon juice

1 egg white

peppermint flavouring

400-420g icing sugar, plus extra

food colouring

They will be really cheap and easy to make so we can make a reasonable amount of profit.

Tuesday 26th November

Today we started to write some persuasive letters to Mr Burford. We hope he will actually listen to our idea! We worked very hard and included our steps to success: Persuasive language like flattery and connectives.

Wednesday 27th November

Today we finished off our persuasive letters to Mr Burford. We also designed some posters and a label and carried on with a power point we had started before. We started a survey around the school, the boys doing upper school and the girls doing lower school. We brought round some peppermint creams that Mr Stanley had made for them to try, and only a small handful of people didn’t like them.

Thursday 28th November

Today we finished the survey off. The results were quite good. We also carried on with the PowerPoint and made about four different types of posters. We chose Daisy’s persuasive letter to type up because it was our favourite. It will be the one we show to Mr Burford on Friday.

Friday 29th November

It’s presentation day today! We will be doing our graph today on Microsoft Excel and finishing off every thing else. Wish us luck!

Yes! We got through! Mr Burford has agreed to give us £30 to spend on our products which is way more than we need!

Monday 2nd December

Today we printed out our spread sheets for the costs of our product. We also decided on a rough idea of what our labels would look like.


Tuesday 3rd December

Today we started our labels on Publisher. They weren’t very good because the computer was being awkward. Then we made some OK ones and sent them to Mr Stanley.


Wednesday 4th December                                                                                            Today we got to roll out and shape some peppermint creams. It was very fun! Then we had to storyboard an advert. We came up with two ideas, one was the boys’ idea and one was the girls. The boys’ one was not very good or realistic because they wanted to use a ladder and have a food fight. If we had a food fight because we didn’t like the pepper mint creams then it would be putting out a negative idea about our product. The girls one was about a little girl who wrapped up some peppermint creams for her mum at Christmas. Mr Stanley said the girls’ one was better so at lunchtime we filmed it. We also finished our labels because Mr Stanley didn’t like them.

Thursday 5th December

Today was the presentation assembly! Only the lower school got to present their ideas because took so long. Also HG did theirs. HG will be selling cakes tomorrow with Christmas decorations. SH have 3 different ideas: Candle holders, bags and candy cane mice. JA are doing Mulled wine kits and mince meat, bookmarks and something else. LL are doing sweets and other things. DC are doing peg dolls, candle holders and one thing more!

Friday 6th December

Today the upper school did their presentations. KB are doing Christmas tree decorations, money boxes, calendars and Christmas cookies. MG are doing key rings and fridge magnets, Santa’s grotto and stockings. AS are doing peppermint creams, vanilla cookies, cheese shapes, pepper cookies, hot chocolate, a gluten free range of everything with gluten in and gluten free rocky roads. KR are doing a snazzy snowman stall with pompom snowmen, cup snowmen and snowman candle holders. I’m sure we’ll get lots of orders!

Download (PPTX, 1.61MB)


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