Enterprise Fortnight – Ben’s persuasive letter to Mr Burford

Thursday 28th November

Dear Mr Burford,

I am writing to you to tell you that you have a great opportunity to buy our amazing cheese straws. We have a great recipe that will impress you a lot and once you start eating them you won’t stop.

The cheese straws will not exactly be cheese straws but they will be cheese shapes. We know you like savoury biscuits which is why we chose cheese shapes. The cheese shapes will probably be Christmas related shapes like: Christmas trees, bells and stars.

Clearly, you are a very clever man who makes sensible choices and if you choose our cheese shapes then you are making the right choice. Only a fool will say no to this suggestion and you are not a fool.

I hope you choose our cheese shapes because if you don’t you will be missing out on the best idea ever. Do you really want the school to have more money? Do you want the solar panels for the school? Well choose our idea!

We will also be doing a gluten free range for people with food allergies. We will be selling them for £2.00 the same price as the normal cheese shapes. Furthermore we will be doing them in packs of ten so they can just take the pack, give us the money and not take forever to choose a cheese shape.


Yours sincerely,


Ben FL

(Bananas in Pyjamas)

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