Enterprise Fortnight – Abi S’ persuasive letter to Mr Burford

Thursday 28th November 2013


Dear Mr Burford,

I am writing to you to tell you about my fabulous idea for Enterprise Fortnight. I/ my group Christmas Pandas think we should sell pepper cookies (don’t worry they don’t blow your mouth off) and a gluten free range for those who are not allowed to eat gluten.

I know you are an intelligent man, so you will say ‘yes’ to our idea. It will make a lot of money because we will attract people like you with our fancy designs and quality products. Once you have had one you will be wanting more and more and more they are scrumdiddlyumpshious.

We will also have our own gluten free range, for people who can’t eat gluten. We have expertise help from Miya G as she is in our group. So we can use her expertise on making gluten free cakes/ cookies.

If you don’t come to our stall, you will miss out on our wonderful pepper cookies and our gluten free range of food. Only fools say ‘no’ to our products and you are not a fool!

Yours sincerely

Abigail S

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