Enterprise Fortnight: Day 2 – Development Diaries

The class have been working hard today writing persuasive letters to Mr Burford and preparing questions for their survey. An ongoing task is to produce a PowerPoint of the activities that have taken place during the fortnight and also to keep a diary. here are the first entries from two of the groups:

Chocolate Toothpicks Diary

Monday 25th November

Today we were told to get into groups of 4-6. We ended up with a group of six: Daisy, William, Briony, Adam, Tom and Brandon. We then thought of some ideas :      Christmas pants, raffle , hundred square , lucky dip , 2nd hand books , boys make over , girls makeover , Christmas tree crumpets , girls hair braiding ,nail painting , story’s ,hot chocolate, Christmas shaped chocolate, Christmas cards , Christmas  tree decorations and then narrowed them down to three. Next, we chose the best of the three and it was peppermint creams. After that we looked online for the cheapest ingredients. We then began to work out how much it would cost, so we could work out the profit, but we didn’t quite finish. However, we know what the ingredients are.

1tsp lemon juice

1 egg white

peppermint flavouring

400-420g icing sugar, plus extra

food colouring

They will be really cheap and easy to make so we can make a reasonable amount of profit.


The Bananas In Pyjamas Diary

Monday 25th November 2013

Today the Bananas in Pyjamas had to think of some ideas for the Enterprise Fortnight because we are doing a market sale so we needed to think of some ideas of what we should sell. What we’re selling are cheese straws and we have the perfect recipe. We think that we have an advantage a little better than anyone else, as Mr Burford is a very big fan of savoury food. So if cheese straws are savoury food we hope we will attract Mr Burford and he will come to our stall. We also did a SWOT analysis for the good and bad things about our product and the threats and opportunities.


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  1. Kath Miles says:

    Wow AS , what a lot of great ideas. I am so glad I don’t have to decide on a winner.

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