Enterprise Fortnight: Day 1

Today was the beginning of the first Enterprise Fortnight for three and a half years. Our objective was to create a range of products (or a single product) to sell at a Liss Christmas Market. Obviously making a big profit is key, but our initial discussions centred upon creating a good product(s) which gave value for money.

Given the choice of forming their own groups the children came up with the following names:

FB (fabulously British): Kai, Peter, Jack, Louisa, Milly and Immy D.

Chocolate Toothpicks: Briony, Daisy, Tom, William & Adam.

Bananas in Pyjamas: James, Bethany, Ben & Alex.

Christmas Pandas: Fina, Abi, Miya, Jude, Archie and Oscar.

Pink Fluffy Unicorns: Zoe, Imo, Andrew, Brooke, Dylan and Toby.

The morning was spent coming up with ideas as the children worked on concept maps. Next, they chose two ideas and used SWOT analysis to see how plausible their ideas were. This afternoon the children agreed that Class AS should focus on food and drink related products. We came up with five and began our research on prices.

Tomorrow we will be carrying out some market research and beginning to calculate pricing and some projected profits.

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