Ben’s Robogals Report

After the visit by Robogals shortly before half – term, Mr Burford asked the class to write a report for the Hampshire IT Journal. Ben obliged and his report is below:

Robogals at LJS

Robogals came to visit Liss Junior School recently to help us learn about robots. When they came I didn’t know what they were going to ask us to do. I felt a bit worried that we were going to have to do it independently. However I needn’t have worried because we worked in groups and we had some help from the Robogals team.


I realised that Robogals is a great way to learn how to engineer robots . You could play around with what you want the robots to do and how you want them to move around. There were types of sensors like colour sensors and a sensor that made your robot stop in front of walls and turn left or right. There was also a screen on the robot and a few buttons that help you delete memory if you had too much.


When it was our turn the Robogals team had sheets of paper with back splodges. You had to program your colour sensor to make it sense black, then program your robot to move around and find black.

The best bit was you had to program your robot on the computer. This way the robot knew what to do when it was moving around. There were lots of special effects like: you could put a picture on the screen and you could make the robot talk.

I really liked making the robot speak because you could make it speak in different ways and make it say different words like: good morning, hello and wow. I hope they come back soon because the robots are really cool.

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