My Autobiography: Daisy

I can write my autobiography

 “It looks awful!” I cried, covering my face in embarrassment as a huge picture of me spread across the TV screen.

“You should be pleased! I mean, how many people we know round here have won? None!” answered my Mum.

I entered ‘Share a Story’ when I was seven and won it shortly after my eighth birthday. Now my story was animated, and on the TV, and I was really happy…

On the 2nd of June 2004 at 4:44am I entered the world. I was born at St Mary’s hospital in Portsmouth, weighing 8 pounds and 7oz. I am not sure if I cried, but my little brother Angus definitely did. I remember my Dad driving me to the hospital to see my new baby brother. When we came back I fell fast asleep. Now I have 2 brothers (worst luck). One is a pain and one is very naughty!

My first memory was my first holiday to Suffolk. We were staying at a house owned by some people called Peter and Sue. I can’t remember who they were but their house was very small. I don’t know how old I was but I don’t think I’d started school yet. My first brother was born, though, because I remember him clamouring to go inside the house that ‘Grandpa in my pocket’ was filmed. The holiday was quite good and I enjoyed it.

My best moments were when I went to Granada studios to get my story animated, when I met Luke Rowe, when I met Jacqueline Wilson and when I met some athletes. Granada studios were very big! They were also very fun. I got to go there because I entered ‘Share a Story’ and won with my story ‘The Possessed Pants’. I also felt proud when I went there because only eight people out of 5,500 people got to go. I met Jacqueline Wilson somewhere at a book singing in Winchester. I got my book ‘Four Children and It’ signed. I remember telling her about my story that was on the TV and she said that I might be a writer one day! It was the best thing that anyone had ever said to me. Luke Rowe is a cyclist who cycled in the ‘Tour of Britain’ 2012. I met him and he talked to me, and I also got his signature and a picture taken with him! I was really happy to meet him. The athletes I met were Leonard Komen, Jo Pavey and lots of others. All these events were very memorable and enjoyable.

I have always enjoyed reading and writing since I was quite small. When I grow up I would like to be an author because I really enjoy writing as you can let your imagination flow free.

I hope you enjoyed finding out about me in my autobiography. I wonder what will happen to me next?…

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