My Autobiography: Andrew N

People may say that the chances of you wining the lottery are very slim but I got lucky. It wasn’t the lottery, but something similar. I won a balloon race. Stroke of luck!

£50 seemed like a lot of money then but now it seems like a lot more. I was 8 and so of course I didn’t have much money (only £20). My balloon landed somewhere in Devon which I think is pretty far. We had just had a holiday to Devon last year so that was a big coincidence.

It happened near my birthday that is on the 28th January 2003. Apparently it took a long time for me to be born. I was due on the 18th of January, but the 28th is ok for me.

St Mary’s hospital in Portsmouth was where I saw my first glimpse of the world. It must have been annoying that I was born at seven minutes past midnight.

My first gift was a brown teddy from my brother Cameron. He is three years older than me and he was really excited about me (I didn’t quite feel the same way).

I was only three weeks old when I attended my first funeral. Apparently it was a very hard funeral because I cried on several occasions. This doesn’t mean my birth was a bad thing the way as soon as I was born there was a funeral. It was just unlucky.

Just to prove my birth was not a bad thing, when I was eleven months old there was a wedding. It was for some relative called Nichelle. This was the only wedding that I have ever attended and it is a shame that I can’t remember any of it.

My first holiday was to the Isle of Wight. I was only four months old and I remember when I used to walk along the causeway looking for stones. I found this very fun and once I found a stone that looked like it was a chess board. I thought this was very intriguing.

The most favourite of my holidays was when we went to Italy to see my Granddad Peter. I enjoyed this because my favourite food is pasta and because Italy invented pasta there was no trouble with food. This holiday was the first time I had ever been on a plane.

I didn’t enjoy the airport as there was lots of waiting involved. I personally think the passport control people are very nosey because they look at your passports and see all of your details. I didn’t mind actually traveling on a plane, but my brother Cameron did.

One time that I was scared was when it was my first day at Pre-School. I was two years old and very nervous. This was when I met my friend Oscar. We have been friends ever since Pre-School now. We often played football together and this got me to play for a team.

When I was seven I joined the Liss Athletic football team. We weren’t very good in 2010 but we have improved. In the 2012-13 league we cane first! This was amazing as we were now in division 3. All this happened when I was 3 years into Liss Junior School.

In 2009 I progressed from the infant school to Liss Junior School. My first day was a very nervous one however; I had my brother Cameron already at the school. This made me feel that there was nothing to worry about.

Overall I think that I have been very lucky in my life. However, when I reached Year 5 my luck was out. I had the same year 6s as I had had in year 3. Not so lucky! I am now in year 6 and so next I‘ll be going to Bohunt, but that will be a different story.

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