My Autobiography: Abi S

I can write my autobiography


I touched the wall of the swimming pool and a relief spread over me as I realised that I had come1st, I felt really lucky I wish I could have done it again.

Guilford Hospital at 11:52 am on the 9th of April 2003 was where I was welcomed into the world. My mum told me that I loved the water when I was a baby. The first time I went to the beach, my mum put me in a normal nappy because she thought that I would not go in the sea. But the first thing I did was run straight into the sea and my nappy swelled up to the size of a balloon and fell down!

My dad was convinced that he was getting a boy and only when my mum was in labour, they opened the name book and they got as far as Abigail. Then he said, “Great let’s have that one!” and my mum agreed, so Abigail it was.

When I was two I pulled out a whole tissue box and I painted the bathroom sink, pink! And then, blamed it on someone else!!!

So my life is a bit higgledy, piggledy because it is all over the place.

My first day at nursery was quite good really. I went to Edgebrough Nursery and the first time I did anything new I screamed. When I met my nursery teacher Mrs Pavit I said, “Hello Mrs Pavit, it is lovely to meet you!”

My mum and I had to go to Petersfield Hospital for a couple of days and that was were I met my best friend Ella and my mum met her best friend Debbie! Ella is half an hour older than me and she has the same birthday as me.

I had a very good vocabulary when I was young. Although Ella was crawling from a young age I just sat on my bottom and talked. Here is some of my vocabulary:
noo noo = blanket/muslin

Manoe = Matt

Cckcc = Grandy

Simber = spoon

Aba dee dee too too = happy birthday to you

Aba dee dee kimmy = Merry Christmas

Seatie = sweetie

Grandy thought me to be an ornithologist [to spot birds] and when a squirrel came along I used to shout “Squirrel grandy squirrel!” and Grandy would come running out shouting and waving his arms like a mad person. He taught me to spot pekkers [wood pekkers], back birds [black birds] and more.

My first day at the Infant school was quite good; I skipped in happily, no nerves in me at all. I met Milly, Fina and Brooke on that day and they are still my friends today.

When I was five my [annoying] little brother was born; he was called Alexander and when my dad telephoned to say I got a brother I said,

“But daddy I don’t want a little bother”

[Instead of brother I accidently said bother!]


I don’t really remember when I was six but when I was seven I began at the junior school. It was quite nerve racking but fun at the same time. Also I started at the swimming club and I still go there today. I love swimming, I have always loved it.

When I was nine I loved doing swimming galas and playing with my friends [Milly, Fina, Brooke, Imo, Immy, Izzy D and more]

Now I am ten, I still do team galas in swimming and I still love playing with my friends. I love being ten, it is probably one of the best things, in my life.

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  1. Abi's Auntie Catie in Canada says:

    I love the stories you shared Abi, they are funny especially the one about painting the bathroom sink pink and Grandy running around after the squirrels! I didn’t know all of these stories so I really enjoyed reading your autobiography.

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