The Role of Women in Ancient Greek Society – Andrew N

In history this term we have been looking at Ancient Greek pots to deduce evidence of the lives of men and women in Ancient Greek times. The children looked at a range of photos of pots and written sources of evidence. Working in small groups they began to identify some of the key features and began to draw conclusions. One of the tasks was to write a brief report on the role of women based on limited evidence from the pots. Why was that? Here’s Andrew’s report:

Women in Ancient Greece

Rich women in Ancient Greece would never leave the house unless it was to see a new born baby. We can see the evidence of this from Greek pots. Their roles were to tell the slaves what to do and care for the children. Again Greek pots are our main source of evidence although there are not many of women. From pots we can also clearly see that they would make foods (there is a statue of a women making bread). They would also manage the money that their husbands earned. They made clothes and occasionally collected water from fountains. In conclusion, we can see that even though there aren’t very many pots of women we know that they were very busy inside the house.

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