The Role of Women in Ancient Greek Society – Abi S

Women in Ancient Greece
The rich women of Greece are very easy to pick out on pots because they are usually dressed in flowing garments and they have lots of jewellery on. They usually did not leave the house. We can tell this because a lot of the pictures are of men and not of woman.
We can tell that rich woman did not leave their house. They only left the house to go and visit a new baby or go to festivals. We can tell this by the pictures on the pots. They sometimes went out to fetch water from the well.
A woman kept the household running smoothly and she also helped do the cooking, cleaning and sewing. We can tell this by the pots of evidence.
We can tell from the pots that rich woman had slaves and we can also tell that they wore expensive jewellery.

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  1. Auntie Catie says:

    You discovered a lot from observing the pictures on the pottery Abi. Pictures really can paint a story! Very interesting.

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