Desert Disaster – Peter

The desert disaster

At Gatwick in the north terminal a man, called Dave Morph, was on his way to China to work. Dave had brown hair and his eyes were bright blue. He was unlucky because he was about 7.0 feet tall so he had duck down whilst going through the plane.


Just as Dave got onto the plane he saw a beautiful women who had brown curly hair. She also had beautiful blue eyes. Dave thought that he and the women were a perfect match. The women was only about 5.3 feet, but Dave didn’t care.


When they got into the air something really good happened, the stewardess said that everyone could stand up, so Dave went over to the lady. Just as he was going to talk to the lady, the wing fell off the plane and they started to go down.

“Arr!” everyone screamed in shock.


Just as the plane went down the stewardess called for help. Someone who was sat next to Dave said,

“I hope we don’t die.” He said it as if he didn’t care that they were going down to crash.

Just as he said that the plane crashed and Dave landed on the girl he liked…..


Dave Morph (30), a businessman.

Dave Morph (30), a businessman.


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