Desert Disaster – Andrew N

Desert Disaster

Heathrow Airport is never a brilliant place to be spending an hour of your Sunday morning; however this is exactly what six passengers were doing. Amongst them was a businessman named Larry Wrinklow. Larry was particularly annoyed today because he had just lost a bet.

The bench that he was sitting on was not the softest he had ever sat on in his life; in fact he thought they seemed like solid metal. The room was crowded with people, some trying to find lost children and fat men trying to reach passport control. Loud-speakers were blaring announcements that nobody could hear.

Departure boards were flashing up new arrivals and it seemed to be changing every second. Suddenly, Larry and the other five passengers saw a message flash up on one of the big notice boards. It read; Destination, Belgium, Easyjet.

As soon as they saw this flash up all of them rushed to where they thought was passport control. Larry picked his case up and ran as fast as he could (which wasn’t very fast). He pushed and shoved his way through the crowds, being careful with his intricate moustache all the time. When he was finally through he was massively disappointed to see a long queue.

“I’m too old for this,” he muttered under his breath. He was only 57.

Once all of the passengers had boarded the plane, the pilot made an announcement over the loud speaker.

“We will be departing in approximately two minutes.”


The plane was tightly packed with people and it only got worse when a man called Dave Morph got on. Dave was a fat man and Larry hated him. Larry knew Dave from a meeting that both of them had attended. They had both had an idea and, unfortunately for Larry, Dave’s idea was picked. When they were in the air at last everyone was calm. They were clueless of what was going to happen next.

They were flying over a desert when suddenly there was a crash and a bang from the right wing. The pilot shouted out a couple of rude words and then said that they were going to crash.

Abruptly, the passengers stood up. Nobody had any idea of what to do. Everyone was trying to find a safe space to hide. Larry and Dave ducked under their chairs and both muttered:

“Don’t die, don’t die.”

Frightened, they sped to the ground. Crash! Bang! Boom! The plane hit the ground at 100mph.

A big puff of smoke shot up from the middle of the desert. Nobody could see anything. The smoke cleared and he could see miles and miles of yellow sand. It was now that he knew, they were stranded….

Larry Wrinclow (57),  a businessman.

Larry Wrinclow (57), a businessman.

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