Desert Disaster – Abi S

Desert Disaster


It was 6:00 am at Gatwick Airport [not fun]. Bob England sat in the waiting room which felt like a fire was raging all around. There were babies crying, children chatting and grown-ups silently staring at the floor wishing this trip had ended.  Bob was traveling to South Africa to watch a football match [Russia against England].

Finally after what seemed like 3 hours Bob boarded the plane. He muttered under his breath,

“Why oh why do we have to do this?”

Bob was a football fan; he loved everything to do with football. He was 47 years old and had a taste for woman, but he looked a bit odd.

When he sat in his seat he thought, “Who is going to sit next to me?”

Then the most astonishing thing happened, a woman who looked as though she was in her 30’s with pretty black hair up in a bun came and sat next to him.

Bob looked at the woman with a glint in his eye. Bob was older than the woman, but he did not care. He decided to start chatting and act casual, but then…

Bob realised that the front of the plane was on fire! Suddenly the plane lurched, and Bob was flown forwards towards the flames. He was coughing and spluttering as the sickly fumes filled his mouth and nostrils. Then he saw something, what he saw surprised him a lot, the pilot [Maria Miranda] was unconscious in the front of the plane! Bob thought, “What can I do?”

Suddenly the plane dived and then it crashed! With an almighty bump it hit the ground.

“Help us, someone help us!!!” all the passengers screamed. Then Bob had an idea. He saw a notice saying ‘IN CASE OF EMERGANCY PULL THIS AND THE EMERGANCY SLIDE WILL ROLE DOWN.’

“Right,” Bob thought. “I have just got to pull this lever like this” and yes Bob had done it.

“Everyone out, out, out!!!” Bob shouted to the crowd of screaming passengers. Everyone slid down and they were safe! But not everyone was off the plane. Bob had forgotten about Maria Miranda!

What about the pilot was she ok? Bob stumbled up to her and then his jaw dropped, her leg was badly wounded but she had woken up. She blinked in the bright light and then said “Well what are we going to do now?”


To be continued…


Bob England (47), a football fan

Bob England (47), a football fan

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