Freestanding Tower Challenge

Across the school today there was a special challenge. The children were set the task of building the highest freestanding tower they could using only a limited range of materials. They were:
1 piece of A4 card
1 metre of string
1 metre of sellotape
10 sheets of newspaper

The children were not allowed replacement materials for existing materials they had damaged or misused. Therefore it was important that they spent some time thinking about how they might build their structure before they started.

There were a range of interesting structures that were created. Unfortunately not all of them were self-supporting. However, the children learnt a great deal about how a wide base was an advantage and how a structure needed strength and balance in order to support itself. The eventual winners for Class AS & Class KR were Imogen D, Milly, Imogen W & Dylan.

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  1. Kath Miles says:

    Great towers AS , and I bet you had great fun making them . Its amazing what you achieved with so few items.

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