Macbeth: Recounts from the meeting with the witches – Oscar

Macbeth and I were happily striding down the gut-spreaded, blood-pouring battlefield, I could even see an eyeball loose. I was also playing my drum; it was a dark and gloomy night the sky filled with blackness. We couldn’t see anything so we just picked up the pace and started to walk a bit faster. It was so quiet, all I could hear was the rustling of the wet grass when our feet glided through it.

I looked back. I thought I heard something. At the moment when I turned my head back there was a big bang that stunned my ears and smoke that tasted like sick. I saw in the distance three bad clothed and weird nosed figures. A moment later they became much clearer.

I was frozen, my whole body was numb. I found it hard to breathe. The three disgusting hags made me throw up in my stomach. Then I heard them say even though I was still half-deafened by the big bang

“A drum, a drum. Macbeth’s doth come.” I was shocked by what they said. Then Macbeth replied,

“I will not fear what I hear” I was surprised to see Macbeth stand up like that in front of those three terrifying poison making, cauldron bubbling withes

The witches howled with a sprinkle of horror,

“Macbeth will reign King Duncan will be no more”

The witches faded away. I got the feeling Macbeth had plotted to kill King Duncan or is about to plot his death. I stopped thinking then I ran, then I gradually started to sprint I tripped up once or twice I was running so fast you could only faintly see my legs. I stopped…I was in the middle of the battlefield surrounded by guts, blood and swords. Something struck my mind like thunder Macbeth had to kill me!

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