Macbeth: Recounts from the meeting with the witches – Andrew N

L.O: I can write a recount about the meeting with the witches from the point of view of Banquo.


Macbeth and I triumphantly paced away from the scene of blood and guts. The view was unbearable. It was rapidly becoming dark and the mist was descending all around us. The field was so quiet that you could have heard a squirrel drop a nut from a mile away. It was getting difficult to see so we decided to stride forward promptly.

We reached a dark and gloomy cave. Nobody was there. I looked….. And saw nothing. We were just walking in when suddenly…. The vilest looking creatures ever started flying around us and were crying out. Their voices were like dying cats.

“A drum, a drum, Macbeth doth come!” cried out the witches.

“What is your meaning, foul hags? Are you from hell?” called back a very frightened Macbeth. He was shivering all the way through from head to toe. I was too frightened to even say a word.

“All hail Macbeth, hail thee Thane of Glamis!” screeched one of them foully.

“All hail Macbeth, hail thee Thane of Cawdor!” the second one cried out.

“All hail Macbeth, that shalt be king hereafter!” I was shocked to hear all of this news. Surely it was all lies. Or was it true that those horrible old hags could tell the future?


“If you can really tell the future, tell me mine,” I trembled.

“Not so happy but much happier!” announced the first, evilly.

“Your sons shall be king!”


Suddenly, with a flash of smoke the three were gone into the gruel night sky. I was blank minded. What was the meaning of all of this nonsense? I was sure that Macbeth wouldn’t believe those three old hags.


I was wondering what he could have been thinking. It looked like he had turned into a solid brick wall, he wasn’t moving a muscle. It seemed as though millions of dark thoughts had come all over him all at once. Suddenly, he turned to me and stated:

“That was a load of nonsense. I will never believe that in a million years. Never will I become king.”

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  1. Kath Miles says:

    Well done AS, what great writing from a really different angle.

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