Lady Macbeth’s final letter – William L

My dearest husband,

I am writing to you as I am on the verge of death. I feel like life has no meaning for me any more and you would also be better off without me. I feel responsible for the disastrous situation you are now in so please do not mourn my passing.

I now realise that ambition can be a terrible thing. As soon as I received the letter from you telling me about your meeting with the witches I felt like you had to take the throne so we could rule Scotland together. Even though you are a daring man in battle I said you were a cowardly person, which was a step too far. That meant that you would not have the guts too kill King Duncan. When I persuaded you too kill King Duncan I thought I was making you a real man, but all I was doing was making us step into a sea of disaster.

I was very silly and should have had the guts to kill King Duncan myself. The only reason I did not was because he reminded me of my much loved father who was killed in battle. It was just not possible for me to kill him. When you brought the daggers from the Kings chamber I should have just taken them and put them back because I could see you were over come with guilt. I still look down at my hands, arms and finger nails and I can still see King Duncan’s blood flowing through my veins.

Again I feel guilty for the terrible situation you are now in. I feel like you are going to get killed by Macduff, but I will still love you dearly when we are both dead. That is all my fault.

My actions have made us tear Scotland apart. The good man and our friend Banquo murdered and Lady Macduff and her children slain in their home. That is also all my fault. They must have been terrified when the assassins arrived.

Please forgive me for ruining your life. I hope that by taking my own I will end the pain that gnaws at every inch of my body and it is just making me want to kill myself more and more. Please, please, please pray for me as I pray for you my dear husband.

Your loving wife,

Lady Macbeth.

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