Lady Macbeth’s final letter – Daisy

In literacy this week we have been looking carefully at the story of Macbeth. We have spent a great deal of time analysing who was responsible for King Duncan’s murder and most of the children thought that Lady Macbeth bore the greater blame. We decided to write final letters from her to Macbeth before she took her own life. We were trying to achieve a clear structure, to make the reader feel sorry for her and to try and tell the story through the letter. Here’s Daisy’s letter:

                                                     Dunsinane Castle

Dear loving husband,

I am writing to you to give you a very important apology. I feel that life means nothing to me anymore and that you’d be better off without me. I am ever so sorry about the situation you are in; it is all my fault.

I should have never persuaded you to murder the king, but when you wrote to me about your meeting with the weird sisters I felt so overcome by a lust power I couldn’t stop myself. Please forgive me, as I cannot take on any more guilt.

Back then, I thought you were a cowardly person, but now I see you are a very brave man. You are trying so hard in the situation that I am responsible for. I am responsible for the death of Banqou, Macduff’s wife and all Macduff’s beloved children. I feel as if I am responsible for all the murders on the planet. I can still see King Duncan’s scarlet blood dripping off my hands, no matter how much I scrub at them.

I really want your forgiveness, as I am ever so sorry. I am so sad for you, but I felt that you would want to murder me if I didn’t apologise, so here it is in black and white. Saying goodbye to the world will hopefully make you feel better.

From your ever-loving wife,

Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth xxx

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    That is weird!

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