Lady Macbeth’s final letter – Andrew N

Dunsinane Castle


My greatest love,

I am writing to you as I await my final moments of life. I have decided that before I die I would like to apologise for all of the sins that I have wrongly forced you to do. It was my entire fault.


When I received the letter from you about your meeting with the three witches I got overwhelmed with the thought of having great power over the whole of Scotland. This led me to force you into murdering King Duncan. I feel so very bad about putting so much guilt on your shoulders and now I am feeling all of the guilt too. This has led me to end my life. However, you must understand that I was only trying to help you become King. I can still see the blood on my hands from that murder.


I then influenced you to become a blood thirsty murderer and this led you to send assassins to kill our good friend Banquo. It was wrong of me to lead you down this path and this only made you feel even worse. It is with great regret that I have realised that I have led you to become an evil wicked, murderer. It is only now that I feel the full amount of guilt. Do you remember when we were young lovers and how much we would have loved to be King and Queen? Well now that those titles have become ours, I have turned into rotten women.


Next, I wrongly led you to send more assassins to kill Macduff’s family. This has led him to think of you as an evil king and so now he wants to kill you. However, I will never think of you as evil. What you have done is my entire fault and everyone thinks it was you. Your current reputation will never be revived all because of me.


So my final plea and my final words are; can you forgive me? I know that you probably can’t, my love, but if you can than please can you?


Your loving wife,


Lady Macbeth

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