Lady Macbeth’s final letter – Abi S

  Dunsinane Castle

My dearest husband,

I am hoping you are well at the moment because I am certainly not. I am writing to give one final apology and goodbye. I am no use to the world any more, my life is not worth living. I should never have persuaded you into murdering all those people; all I thought about was power. I was stupid, silly and ignorant. I love you with all my heart so saying goodbye to the world will be good for you. Also I never wished for you to deal with all this grief. I was so silly, I persuaded you into murdering our dear king and making it look like the groom’s did it and I made you kill Macduff’s wife and children. Help me for my sorrow is so deep.

When I give my life for your sake I will always love you with all my heart. My sorrow will always be with me like a dark cloud raining on my head. I always liked Macduff, his wife and children and all the other people I persuaded you to kill.

The blood of all the murders committed by you because I persuaded you will always be on my hands like a stain that won’t come off.

I hope I will stay with you in sprit and as a memory in your brain. I love you with all my heart and when I say goodbye I hope you will never forget me.

Your loving wife

Lady Macbeth


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2 Responses to Lady Macbeth’s final letter – Abi S

  1. Kath Miles says:

    What great letters you have all written , I would forgive you !

  2. Auntie Catie in Canada says:

    Well written Abi. We definitely feel her regret and makes us feel compassion for her.

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