Sitting Volleyball with Jodi Hill

Today the school was visited by Jodi Hill, a sitting volleyball paralympian who competed at the London Paralympics. She gave the children a talk in the morning about her life and her sport answering a range of questions. This afternoon Class AS and HG were privileged to get a coaching session from Jodi herself. They had to take part in a special warm up before practising setting, digging and spiking skills before finally having a game of sitting volleyball.

Many thanks to Jodi for all her hard work and enthusiasm. I know she was very impressed by the hand eye coordination skills of the children while the children can say that they’ve been coached by a real life paralympian.


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  1. Kath Miles says:

    I am sure you would have all enjoyed your sitting volleyball. I remember seeing it at the paralympic games in London and it looked much harder that the standing up game.

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