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Wednesday 4th September

At assembly today our teacher Mr Stanley told us about our transition project, the school we’d like. Each table in each class will have to think up 6 ideas and then narrow it down to 1.


First we came up with 1 idea each. These are what we came up with:

Daisy-more sports equipment

William-Assault Course

Jude- laser quest

Kai-zip wire

Brooke-separate changing rooms

Briony-zip wire

Then we did the group work. The six ideas we came up with were:


Vegetable patches

Glass walls and doors

Science lab

Computer room

And communication screen out the front of the school

Thursday 5th September

We went for……………Computer room. We stated making questions to ask are head teacher Mr Burford. We got the cost off him for each thing we would need. These are the prices:

Each connecter-£60 we need 23 of them 23x£60=£1380


Each workbench-£180 we need 15 of them 15x£180=£2700

Whist William, Jude and Kai were upstairs with Mr Burford Daisy, Briony and Brooke started the groups PowerPoint. When Jude, William and Kai came back downstairs they worked out every thing would cost £4580 so we would have £420 left over.

Friday 6th September

In the morning Jude went to measure the middle classroom so we could work out if we could fit all the computers in. Once we had worked out if we could or not our final verdict was……yes we could fit all of them into the middle classroom great but then we had to work out were the clubs could move to. The verdict was that Wii fit club could carry on because we would leave a gap for the whiteboard which would also mean that teachers would not have to tell people to come back to class when they wanted to show them something. Chess Club will be able to move to the conference room even through Chess Club and School Council meetings are on the same day and are both at lunchtime because School Council meetings can move to a different day. Finally, Breakfast Club can move to the hall because there is nothing going on in the hall in mornings. In the afternoon William started doing the diary while Jude and Kai started doing some designs for the computer room and the girls carried on with the PowerPoint

Monday 9th September

In the morning the whole of class AS looked at a PowerPoint Mr Stanley had made because some of the PowerPoint’s were a bit messy because of the backround, font and there were lots of animations so when people wanted to get to the next piece of the PowerPoint they had to wait because of the animations. Finally some of the PowerPoints could do with a bit of trimming.

After assembly the whole of class AS did some literacy and wrote persuasive letters. Each person had to persuade Mr Burford that there tables idea was the best. There were 4 people writing about their idea to have Bee Hives on the filed, six people were writing about their idea to have a traversing wall on the playground by the steps up to the field, six were writing about their idea to have Chickens, my table of six were writing about the computer room idea and the final table of six were writing about their idea to have Vegetable Patches outside the classrooms. In the afternoon William carried on with the diary, the girls almost finished the PowerPoint and finally the other two boys did some more on the design of the room and started a second one. They started a second one so they could go and see which one people thought was best.

Tuesday 10th September

In the morning everyone finished writing their letters. Once they had finished writing their letters they gave their books to a response partner. Everyone’s response partner did 2 stars and a wish for the person who had given them their book. Then they the book back to the person who had given it to them. The person who had just received their book back so they could see what there response partner had written as a whish and what they had said to do which was something to do with what they had written. If someone had got use more connectives the thing with it may say rewrite 3 sentences with connectives in them. When they had done that and shown Mr Stanley and he had said it is ok he would tell you to go and start typing it up if there was space on the computers. Some people almost finished typing it up. In the afternoon we started the script that would go with our PowerPoint presentation because we had to be finished by Wednesday the 11th lunchtime because we had to practise our presentation in the afternoon. While the girls were doing that William carried on with the group diary.

Wednesday 11th September

In the morning Mr Stanley showed us how to script a PowerPoint so we could write a script for our PowerPoin. We did that for the whole morning. In the afternoon we practiced our presentation and finished the diary. At five to two Mrs Harris called the whole of the class together so we could show the whole of the class our presentation and so each of the other tables could show us their PowerPoint.

Thursday 12th September

In the morning each group did final preparations before Mr Stanley asked them to show him their PowerPoint, so he could give them any final tips before the governors came in and judged all the classes presentations so they could decide which one is best. The one that is best so they can go on Friday into assembly to compete against the other 8 best from the rest of the school. It was very nerveracking for most people. In the end it was fine for everyone and was really fun. Mrs Meredith was very impressed with every group’s presentation so it was a very hard decision. Mr Stanley said he’d tell us the next morning.

Friday 13th September

Once everyone had come in ordered their lunch, put their bags away, sat down and Mr Stanley had done the register he gave the feedback on the day before and said that KFC were the ones who would present to the whole school in the afternoon. After break Mr Stanley gave everyone 15 minutes to finish off their typed letter the group’s diary and start an evaluation of the presentation they had done the day before.

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  1. Kath miles says:

    Well done everyone in AS. Your ideas were great and the writing you have done is excellent.

  2. William says:

    Well done

  3. William says:

    Keep it up

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