Persuasive letters related to The School We’d Like – Louisa

Dear Mr Burford,

I am writing to you to tell you why my group want a chicken coup. Hopefully you will agree because we think this is a fantastic idea.

We think the chicken coup is a great idea because then you can sell the chickens eggs to raise money for the school. Also, chickens are a great idea because you can pick them up. Furthermore, we could have great fun with them. My group think we should get bantams then you get to pick them up more. Also when they run it looks so cute. Additionally, my group thinks we should have 9 chickens so then KR, AS, MG, KB, DC, LL, JA, SH and most importantly HG could get a chicken. Every class should have 1 chicken per class.

Hopefully no-one is allergic to chickens because if not that would be great. Chickens are happy and playful because they are funny when they walk and run.


Yours sincerely



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