Persuasive letters related to The School We’d Like – Imogen D

Tuesday 10th September

Dear Mr Buford,

I am writing to you to see if you will adopt our idea. Our idea is a vegetable patch out side each of the classes. You are always saying how important team work is; a vegetable patch would be a perfect. Below I have outlined the reasons; only a fool wouldn’t hop aboard this wonderful idea.

Firstly I think this is a fantastic idea; if children don’t have a garden at home they can come in every morning and tend some vegetables.                obviously you cant have 28 children all crowding around one vegetable patch at once, so we would have to organise teams that is were team work comes in.

Scientific research shows that gardening is meant to be relaxing and we would raise money for the school. ‘How?’ I hear you ask. well we would sell the fruit and vegetables that we grow (keep some to each for ourselves as well) and hopefully we would make a good profit, that would create a stronger connection with the community.

So Mr Buford do you want a fit and healthy pupils?  Do you want a stronger connection with the community? I hope you are as wise as you are normally are and agree to this.

Yours sincerely

Immy D

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