Persuasive letters related to The School We’d Like – Brooke

Monday 9th September

Dear Mr Burford,

I am writing to you to tell you about Bob the Blobfish’s idea to improve the school. You have done so well at making the school not just look good, but be good too. We have thought very hard about this and we have found a way to make the school a………… computer room! Just think about it; we know how much you know about computers and we think you will like the idea.

Firstly, the strengths are you and the other teachers won’t have to walk up and down the corridor when someone needs help. Children will get more work done because it will be quieter for them. Fortunately teachers can talk and the children will be able to hear them. As you can see this is a great idea that will benefit everyone. Only a fool would pass away an opportunity like this.

You may think that there are no other strengths but there are. Children on the computers will get more work done. Unfortunately, it will be easier to talk to friends, but the teachers will see you and tell you off. Teachers won’t have to go out of their class and tell the people on the computers to keep the noise down. It would be great. The best part is teachers will be in complete control.

Before I go I would like to ask you some questions. Do you want the children to be above average in all subjects? Do you want to have some peace in your office? Think about it! I think I know what your answer will be to all these questions but I might be wrong. Anyway, it’s your choice and I know you will pick what is best for the school. So think long and hard about this and I hope you chose what we think is best.

Yours sincerely

Brooke L

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