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Monday 9th September

 Dear Mr Burford

I am writing to you to explain about my idea for a school climbing wall. I think you will agree that it will be a most excellent way of bringing the whole school together and develop trust between one another.

We would be able to have a traversing wall on the playground, we would put it on the wall near the steps leading up to the field. If people like it then we might be able to get a traversing wall for the field too. The traversing wall will also be a good way of developing team skills because some people will be pulling the ropes to make you go up and down and some other people will be telling you where to put your hands and feet. But not just that, it will attract more people to the school because we have a climbing wall. It will also be brilliant fun and you will see a big difference in people. The difference is that people will be concentrating more with work and they will also have happy faces.

The climbing wall will also be good team building and it will create trust and friendship. There will be more strategic thinking, you will be much more confident with yourself which may help your school work. Do you want fit and hard working children? You could also run an afterschool climbing club and you could enter national tournaments. The brilliant thing is that you can hire out the traversing wall at weekends which will mean money for the school.

Although you may be a bit concerned about people getting hurt, well I can tell you that we have two fully trained first aiders: Mrs Brown and Mrs Boyle, who can get you fixed in a blink of an eye. So I wouldn’t be worried, we will have lots of safety mats, so if you do fall off you will have a soft landing.

Here are some questions for you to answer

Do you want hard working children?

Do you want to raise money for the school?

Do you want Liss Junior to reign victorious over the climbing wall championships?

I know that you are such a brilliantly clever head teacher so you will say yes to our questions. However, only a fool would say no to our questions and you are NOT a fool

Yours sincerely


Abigail S

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