The School We’d Like : Friday Update

Today was another busy day as the groups developed their PowerPoints in far greater detail and deepened their research into their ideas. The Pringles group had a meeting with Nigel, who runs the gardening club. They were able to ask him about what fruit and vegetables they should grow and at what times of the year. Nigel was very impressed that they had sourced some raised beds and taken account of the waist height of children in the lower school in their measurements.

The 64 Zoo Lane Lightning Bolts group met with Mr Burford to discuss their plans for building a climbing wall. They were directed to some websites to compare different walls that might be suitable for a playground. The DJ Gummy Bears group had a very detailed discussion with Mr Burford about care for chickens and which breed is the best layer of eggs. Louisa’s expertise was evident and the group seem to have some well set plans.

The KFC group, the only group not to have a meeting with an expert yet, have booked their appointment with a representative of Petersfield Beekeepers Association for Tuesday afternoon. They have already carried out some good research and were busy finding potential locations for hives based on this research.

Bob the Blobfish were busy measuring the middle classroom and designing a plan for where computers would go. They are working on a very systematic PowerPoint which highlights the strengths and potential problems of their idea. Each group is also keeping a journal of what they have done on each day.

On Monday we will continue with research and PowerPoints, but will also be writing some persuasive letters so people will hopefully support the children’s proposals.

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  1. Kath Miles says:

    Well done AS – what great ideas you have come up with. I will be really interested to see how the plans come on this week. It is going to be a tough decision to decide which idea comes out on top.

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