The School We’d Like: finalising an idea and starting the research

This morning the children in Class AS have been finalising their ideas and beginning their research into their chosen project. The names of the groups, the children in the group and the chosen project are listed below:

Bob the Blobfish – Jude, Kai, Daisy, William, Briony, Brooke: Centralising the computers in the middle classroom.

Pringles – Imogen D, Dylan, Bethany, Andrew N, Miya, Jack: Raised beds for growing fruit & vegetables outside each classroom.

DJ Gummy Bears – Louisa, Adam, Tom, James, Milly: Buying chickens for the school and selling their eggs to generate income.

64 Zoo Lane Lightning Bolts – Abi, Peter, Fina, Archie J, Toby, Ben: Installing a climbing wall on the playground to improve children’s strength and fitness.

KFC – Oscar, Zoe, Imogen W, Alex: Installing bee hives on the school site and selling honey to generate income for the school.

The children then set about writing a list of questions that they thought they might be required to answer by anyone analysing their ideas. They also began researching their ideas; Jude and William went to see Mr Burford to find out the cost of moving computers. Andrew and Bethany began measuring the spaces outside where raised beds could be placed and pricing up the wood needed for this. Peter and Abi went to take photos of possible places where a climbing wall could be placed. Other children were starting PowerPoints for their presentations or researching on the internet.

Tomorrow two other groups will be seeing Mr Burford with their ideas while Nigel, who runs the gardening club, has agreed to come and talk to children about their raised beds project. We’re also hoping to get a speaker from Petersfield Beekeepers to visit the school and talk to the bee hives group.

Over the summer I asked the children at Kafuro to undertake this project as well. Their proposal can be seen on the Kafuro/Liss blog.

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