Uganda 2013 Day 12 – The long road home

There’s not a massive amount to write about today. We were up at 5.00am and left promptly at 6.00am for the journey to Entebbe. There’s no exact figure on the distance, but our calculation was approximately 290 miles. Given the state of Uganda’s roads, that’s much longer than it seems. We made reasonable time and arrived at Fort Portal at 10.00am. Stu and I attempted to pick up a moneygram that had been sent from England and spent the best part of 90 minutes trying to get a bank to authorise the money. The problem it appears was Stuart’s middle name, which was on his passport, but not on the moneygram form. It then transpired that his middle name was George, a very English name for such a proud Scot.

The rest of the journey was nothing to write home about. It always seems to take longer when you’re going home and I tried to get some (at best) fitful sleep. We arrived at Entebbe Zoo at 5.45pm and after checking into our bandas went straight for dinner. I ordered the tilapia and was presented with the biggest fish I’d seen on a plate. Eating it nearly killed me, but I succeeded in the end. Dinner was a strange affair; it was pleasant enough, but there was a complete lack of the atmosphere we so loved at Tembo. We retired to the bandas at nine before a bit of chat and then bed.

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