Uganda 2013 Day 6 – Lost in translation

One of the people I haven’t mentioned so far is Jackie, one of the waitresses at Tembo Canteen. She is absolutely lovely and works very long hours for not very much pay. I would like to think that I have showed a caring nature towards Jackie even though my colleagues have turned this into scurrilous rumours. However there have been a number of moments where conversations have been lost in translation. For example last night at dinner:

Jackie “What would you like to order for dinner tomorrow?”

Me “Chicken schnitzel.”

Jackie “Chicken soup?”

Me “Chicken schnitzel!”

Jackie “Chicken soup?”

Me “I’ll have the peppered steak.”

Today’s itinerary involved another trip to Kafuro. Stu accompanied for the day. We had to stop off at the UWA headquarters as it was World Ranger Day. Stu organised with Kulu ( the no 2 at headquarters) for a photo to be taken. As the UK was under represented I became a temporary ranger and was included in the photo.

When we arrived at Kafuro I showed Yowasi how to operate his camera properly and also how to compress files. Immediately after this Stu and I were required to speak to a meeting comprised of the board of governors and the PTA. We both reiterated the importance of the Twinning Project and the impact of shared learning through blogging on the children. We both received round of applause so I hope that the message got through.

After lunch (pork and tomato rice) Stu and I distributed the photos of the classes at Liss Junior and took photos of the Kafuro classes.  It was lovely to see the children and teachers so interested in who their twinned classes were. We also had the opportunity to play Top Trumps with the children in P6 as they were keen to use the sets donated by George and Issy Davy. It was clear that the children had used the set I took out last year as they were very comfortable with the rules. I played against a group of children with the dangerous predators set. I was thrashed and was not happy!

We left Kafuro at just after 4.00pm and headed home into heavy rain, thunder and lightning. All the power was off on the Mweya peninsula so when we went to dinner there were candles lighting up Tembo. Some people might say it was romantic!

After a very nice dinner of spaghetti bolognaise we had to place our order for tomorrow morning. Once again I spoke to Jackie:

Me: “I’d like the bacon sandwich please.”

Jackie: “Ok.”

Me: “Do you have bacon?”

Jackie: “N0!”

Me: “Then it’s not a bacon sandwich!”

At which point Jackie collapsed laughing.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to make comments or ask questions.

Ugandan and UK rangers with Mr Stanley

Ugandan and UK rangers with Mr Stanley

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  1. Samantha Davy says:

    Sounds great fun, glad The Top Trumps have gone down well!

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