Baking for Kafuro

In the run up to Mr Stanley’s trip to Uganda at the end of term, Class AS have once again been raising money for our twinned school, Kafuro Primary School. The objective is to raise enough to buy a digital camera, six months more internet access and some stationary. The children have been selling icepops on the playground, but have been baking in the kitchen. The children had to calculate the cost of ingredients and how much they would have to sell biscuits, cookies and cheese straws in order to make a profit.

So far over £100 has been raised and we are heading towards £200 by the end of term. Thanks to everyone for their support.

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2 Responses to Baking for Kafuro

  1. Kath Miles says:

    You are all doing such a great job to raise some money for equipment for our friends in Kafuro. Keep going and let’s see if you can get to Mr Stanley’s target of £200.

  2. Samantha Davy says:

    Fantastic, well done AS, Kafuro School will really appreciate your hard work.

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