Raps – Henry

The Musication Rap

C’mon everybody listen to the app

I’m here to tell u bout the music tap,

I’m given Musication

To the dope fresh nation

Don’t u worry its all abbreviation

Think bout the music through the years

Sir Tom Jones to Britney spears

Most of it’s in the past

But all of it’s on the charts

The instruments that musicians play

Are especially important to Emeli Sande

But if it’s all about the money

It’s not very funny

If you’re listening to this rap

Pay some respect and shut your trap

So Mr S take a rest

Cos this is a rap by the very best

I’ve proved that new music rocks

Let’s go take it from the top…

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One Response to Raps – Henry

  1. hgreen says:

    Your rap is sick Henry! Totally Epic
    Well done

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