Raps – Penny


OMG, school is such a bore,

I get sad when I walk through the door.

When I get home people ask “how was your day?”

“It was terrible.” is what I say.

Why can’t I skive, that would make me cool,

And then when I’m home, I will play football.


When I get home the lawn needs a mow,

I will walk up to mum and just say ‘no!’

All the other kids get to have fun,

I only get to when out comes the sun.


On the way to school, I just sit in the car,

And sometimes I get to eat a mars bar.

One time at school a kid brought in a cat,

Then all day on his desk he just sat.

When I got home my dinner was rice,

I have to admit, it was really nice.


This is the end of my rap; it’s now time for bed

Gotta go upstairs and rest my head.

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