Alternative Cinderella – Molly


Once upon a time, far, far away.

“Uh, It always starts like that!”

So, my mum told me to tidy my bedroom (she really hates me, in fact everyone hates me,) but my wimpy step dad was painting it last night and it stinks. I better introduce myself; my name is Anastasia. I have two sisters Drusilla and Cinderella, well Cinderella isn’t my real sister and my dad is just a step dad, my real dad died. He was great. Anyway getting back to the story, I had been forced to tidy my bedroom, while Drusilla is putting on her make up and Cinderella is doing the house work. Then, an invitation came through the letter box in a lovely golden envelope. It was an invitation to the Princes ball! (That happens once a year)

“Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!” I yelled. “We got an invitation to the ball.”

“Great, get Cinderella to do your hair and I’ll drive you there,” She replied.

Finally Drusilla and I got Cinderella. She was actually watching TV! Anyway she did both of our hair. Sadly the mirror cracked (again) so it took extra long. Then Cinderella ran into the garden and started crying. Who knows why? Meanwhile, Drusilla and I got into the car and Mum drove us to the Palace, it looked beautiful!

When we stepped inside, the prince was eating a lettuce sandwich so I thought this was my chance. So I forced him to dance with me. He said that I was the most ugly person he had ever seen! Drusilla just laughed and I just wanted to go home. Suddenly this extremely pretty girl walked in, she had blue eyes that looked like the sea, blonde hair that shone like the sun and a lovely white flowing dress. The prince ran up to her and they danced for the whole night. While they were dancing, I went to the toilets to try and get rid of my wart (which was only 10 cm wide, good if you ask me!) I came out at about twelve ‘o’clock, but the beautiful girl had run away and the prince had a glass slipper in his hand.  It got a bit strange from here so Drusilla and I went home.

The next morning at nine ‘o’ clock (I was still asleep) there was a very loud knock on the door. Mum had shut Cinderella in the bathroom now and she had to wake me up. Therefore I had to be awake TWO HOURS earlier than usual! So I walked to the door (in my dressing gown) to see who it was and it was the prince! I ran to my bedroom and put on the dress I wore to the ball the previous night and ran back before he could leave.

“What are you doing?” I asked kindly.

“Well, last night I was dancing with the most magnificent young lady at the ball, but for some strange reason she ran away at exactly twelve o clock. So I am trying to find her by using her beautiful shoe.” The prince explained with a worried look.

“Don’t you think I’m the one?” I said whilst looking at the glass slipper.

“Um… no.” the prince protested.

Drusilla had already tried on the shoe and it definitely didn’t fit. Unfortunately I didn’t do any better, my foot just looked (I hate to say it) really fat in the shoe. Just when the prince was about to leave Cinderella started shouting and screaming.

“What’s that noise?” the prince requested.

“Oh, nothing.” I murmured. Unexpectedly the prince ran up to the bathroom and shoved Drusilla out of the way.  He unlocked the door and Cinderella ran out. They both strutted down to the shoe, Cinderella tried it on and it fitted perfectly. Do I have to tell you the ending? I suppose I must, well Cinderella got married to the prince (I didn’t get an invitation) and they both lived happily ever after. While I am stuck trying to get rid of my wart!

The purpose  

I want people to feel sympathetic for Anastasia; I also want them to have a slight dislike towards her because she is so ugly!

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  1. Kath Miles says:

    Great writing AS , I have really enjoyed reading all your alternative stories.

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