Alternative Rapunzel – Kayleigh’s story

Rapunzel- The real story

Hi I’m Betty the witch, but you can call me Betty. In the story (Rapunzel) I’m called Witchy but my actual name is Betty (just thought I’d let you know). I might be a witch but I have hobbies too. Gardening. I love it! It brings my garden to life. I love growing vegetables; that is far by my favourite thing to grow. It would be nice to have someone to help me but as I’m quite ugly and scary no one wants to be my friend. But here is where the real story begins…..

The family who lived next door to me were very poor. They could barely afford their own house. Now being the kind and generous person I am, I let them take 10 vegetables so they could last the week. But last year I heard that they were having a baby.

“Now that’s just great,” I thought and got to work planting. But that night I could hear somebody in MY garden, digging MY vegetables. You know, I missed a best witch’s award ceremony to take care of my garden. And guess what? I won, but as I wasn’t there to claim it, they gave it to Wilma (the one in all the children’s books).

Anyway I went outside to see… my next door neighbours. They had an enormous sack full of carrots, cabbages and potatoes.

“What are you doing?” I asked in a sleepily tone.

“W…we are just borrowing some vegetables,” they whispered while they were shaking with coldness or fear. Though I think it was with fear. Suddenly a great idea (well I thought it was) came to me.

“I hear there is a baby on its way soon. Why don’t you give me your baby when it’s born and you can take all the food you want? Deal?” I announced more lively this time.

It took about 30 minutes for them to decide, so we all went inside and had a hot cocoa. Finally (I mean it took them long enough) they said ‘Yes’. They said they would give me a call when the bay was born.

So a couple of months ago I went round their house to see if the baby was born. When the door was opened I saw a happy family, including a baby. And they were living happily every after. Until they remembered the promise! Suddenly the family tried to hide the little girl but they were too slow, so the mum and dad got on their knees to start begging. But I just left them there crying and rolling about on the floor like little babies while I walked off with the baby in my hands.

When I got home I sat the pretty little girl down and thought of a name. I was quite jealous to be honest. She had beautiful long, golden, flowing hair and a very pretty looking face. So I called her Rapunzel.

After about a month Rapunzel started walking and talking.

“Mama, Mama, I want a cookie,” Rapunzel said in an adorable voice.

“Ok, I’ll be back in a minute” I told her. When I came from the kitchen I got the biggest surprise of my life. MY living room was a wreck. It had spells spilt everywhere, all my seeds on the floor and, worst of all, my cauldron was broken in two on the floor.

“Oh no!” Rapunzel said in a guilty voice

“I’ve had enough!” I screamed and stormed off to the computer to see if I could get a tower on the cheap. Fortunately, I was in luck, so I bought it, and started packing Rapunzel’s bag.

The tower was in a well hidden place in the forest, and the colour of it was the darkest of all black. Where it was already made it dim. Inside of the tower it was all a dark and grim colour.

So Rapunzel settled in quite nicely after that.

“Ring ring, ring ring” my phone went loudly.

“Hey Betty,” it was Rapunzel wanting something again, she always wanted something  “I was just hoping you would get me some paint and a book.”

“Yes, ok I will be there in a minute.” I said fed up, then headed out,

On the way to the shops I met my next door neighbours (you remember the one that had the baby, never mined)

“Hey Mr and Mrs Neighbours.” I said cheerfully though they didn’t seem too happy to see me, so I carried on.

After 2 hours I finally got the things she wanted, and had a massage whilst I was at it. I was very relaxed now, and it was my money after all. When I got to the tower, I got the biggest surprise of my life. A guard jumped out at me and put handcuffs on my hands and took me to court (as he called it)

“I might be an ugly old hag but I am very precious, I repeat very. Now take good care of me,” I told him, but he didn’t listen. Anyway, get this! I’m being hanged tomorrow for child abuse. I mean how unfair is that? Just because I’m a witch they don’t believe my side of the story (the truth).

“Come on witchy, its your time to shine”, the guard grunted. “You have a big crowd outside, all for you I guess,”

“And we all lived happily ever after. The end.”

Shut up narrator! Nothing but my way this time. So it was a terrible ending even though it is not the end yet.

“Bye, bye evil, hello happiness”, the crowd chanted. (Gave me a headache).

“Now that’s a happy ending!” said the stupid and dumb narrator.

THE END!!!!!

The purpose

I want to make the reader to feel sorry for the witch and also find my story amusing. From the middle of the story I want the reader to feel that Betty’s a stuck up snob.

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