Alternative Goldilocks – Sam P’s story

Goldilocks – What actually happened!

One day in, ha narrator shut up! Hi, my name is Goldilocks; anyway you want to get on with the story. You know when you want to explore but then it all goes upside down and back to front .that’s what happened to me.

It all started two ago. I was hopping and skipping around the woods delightfully when I came across a little, warm, snugly cottage. The door was open and a cold wind was coming, so I decided to go in.

When I got in I was peckish and hungry. My eyes flickered around the house for something scrumptious to eat. Then my eyes came upon three warm bowls of toasty porridge. The first one was too lumpy, the second one was too hot and the third one was just right. I said to myself I would have a little, but it turned out that I eaten all of it. After that I thought that it was best to sit down. When I went to sit down the first thing I noticed was that it was surprisingly hairy, my mind started racing. Did a very man live here or maybe some form of monkey? The second chair was very hairy too, but the third one, perfect. It was so perfect in fact that I never realised that it was breaking! Suddenly the whole thing came crashing down “CRASH!” I really hurt my back, so I decided to go and lie down; little did I know that I was in deep deep territory …………

When I got to the beds, the first bed was way too hard and hairy, the second bed was very bumpy and hairy and the final bed extremely cosy and warm right on the dot what I was looking for. Accidently it turned into a deep,deep dream, “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,” I snored.

When I woke up it wasn’t the most pleasant surprise for me. Three brown bears with great slobbering mouths stood over me, (my beautiful blond locks of hair were covered in oozing sickly saliva). I screamed uncontrollably and ran as fast as my legs could go, not daring to look back at the slobbering mouths.

That night I crept back and heard the three bears talking, well two were talking and one was crying.

“Baby can’t stop crying,” said one loudly over the baby bear’s cries.

“Wwwwaaaa,” cried the baby bear.

“It’s all that wretched girls fault,” said one of the bears in a growling voice.

“Wwwwaaaa,” cried the baby bear even louder. I couldn’t bear it, my ears were in pain. I couldn’t hear myself think, so I went away never to see them again, well for the moment……………. The end, ha narrator shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!



I want people who read this to feel like Goldilocks had her head in the clouds, throughout the whole story.

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