Alternative Cinderella – Jasmine’s story

Cinderella – The Truth (no lies)

Once upon a time…..Anastasia, this is my story so I’m going to start it in a sophisticated way.  Right let’s get going. Good evening young reader, this is me, Drusilla, a young girl who is perhaps the prettiest in the world. I unfortunately I live with one terrible girl, Cinderella. I even fear the sound of her name. Ok so this is how my abhorrent life started: my lovely father passed away on my 16th birthday, oh, I can’t bear to think about my dear father any longer. Let’s get back to my inspiring story. So after that sad tragedy my beautiful mother (probably where I get my charm) married my weak step father, who brought along Cinderella. She is such a lazy, un-responsible person, never helps out with the chores. So my tremendous house is cluttered up with Cinderella’s junk!

One day she even told me I do nothing but laze around on my big bum (I will have you know my bum is a perfect shape) and one time she even accused my sister of putting ants in her bed. Don’t you think this behaviour is unacceptable? Well I do. She always pretends to be sweet old Cindy when visitors come; they all say she’s beautiful. Maybe they’re blind who knows? They just stare at me; maybe they’re shocked at my outstanding beauty for words. Sometimes I feel lonely as Cinderella gets all the attention, so that’s why you should feel sorry for me.

Anyway let’s get back on track, I got a golden letter, soft to the touch, addressed to my family (and me of course!) It said we were invited to the royal ball organized by the family themselves as the prince was searching for a wife (most probably going to be me). Once I ordered Cinderella to get my beautiful gowns and put my make-up on I was ready to go, I looked ever so eye-catchingly beautiful. My mother even ordered a carriage to go with my princess look. We drove to the ball leaving Cinderella at home to fish her chores. Once me, my mother and my sister arrived we walked in surprised not to be ‘arrred’ and ‘ooohhed’ at (they were probably just jealous).

The ball was outstanding; I had excitement fizzing in me when I was dancing with the lush prince. Until this beautiful girl walked in (still not as beautiful as me obviously) she had a white crystal clear ball gown and the most beautiful glass slippers. She stole the prince off me and they danced to their hearts content. The clock struck twelve and suddenly the mystery girl (or so I thought) ran off swiftly she left one of her glass slippers behind. I thought I would take it but the prince got there first. He took it inside; this is where I thought I would leave.

At home Anastasia and I moaned about the girl stealing my prince.

“Oh, I just don’t understand why that charming prince would go for a stupid little girl like her.” Anastasia whimpered.  We heard a shuffle of the key and saw Cinderella come in, in her unfashionable rags. My mother asked her where she had been. She hesitated but eventually said in her squeaky voice,

“I was fetching some vegetables from the patch.” That night I though about the prince and the unknown girl but eventually fell asleep.

The next morning the prince every house in the kingdom (I know as I watch his every move) because he was looking for the girl in the glass slipper. When he finally came to our house, we locked Cinderella in the cellar just in case. I tried the glass slipper on,

“Ughh ouch!” I cried in despair. It didn’t fit! I was horrified at the sight of my red swollen foot. Then Anastasia tried it on, it barely fitted.

“Ahhhhhh” we heard coming from the window, it was Cinderella, she had somehow got out of the window. Oh I remember, I was laying on my sunbed and had to open the window to get the spider out. Damn! Oh sorry I’m sure you don’t want to hear about my personal life just yet, that will be in the next issue. Any way back to the story. She snatched the glass slipper off of poor Anastasia’s foot and then slipped it on her ugly one and guess what? It fitted! (Just my luck!) I bet she’s lying, I bet she planned it all along

“Ekkkk!” my mother screamed in terror as the prince gave Cinderella a full on kiss!


My mother started ‘liking’ Cinderella, I bet it was just because of the money, she’d better share it with me.

“Oh Cindy, I always knew you would marry the prince. I’m always right!” my mother said with a false smile. Cinderella was taken away in a horse-drawn carriage.   I’m so not jealous though (maybe a little.) How horrible is this? She didn’t even say goodbye.

“I can’t believe that she stole our prince, that four eyed freak.” Anastasia wailed.

“Don’t worry he will come back for me, and I will be living in his luxury household.” I explained

By then I found out who the ‘mystery’ girl was. I can’t believe who it is. Cinderella!  That lying cheat! I honestly despise that girl. I’m just glad she’s gone. But who’s going to do the cleaning now? Oh yeah I didn’t clean up It was little old Cindy.

“Ahhhhhh” my mother screamed in disgust at the thought of Cinderella.

So do you get this treacherous story now, the real one? Cinderella gets a perfect life. I hear you say; ‘What about you?’ I don’t get anything and I’m the one who deserves a luxury life but no, stupid Cinderella gets the life I deserve. So that’s it, I’ve got to massage my mums feet now.




The purpose 

I want the reader to feel like Drusilla’s a disgusting person who only thinks about herself and what she looks like. However I want them to have just a small little bit of sympathy towards her.

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